Ethan’s First Family Day

The 24th of November 2018 saw the very first Norrie family day and what a fun day it was. The day involved many different activities and much entertainment, from snakes and snails to inspiring speeches.

I awoke with some trepidation as this was going to be the first ever live performance of the song I wrote for the Norrie Disease Foundation. My initial nerves however soon turned into excitement for the day ahead.

At approximately ten o’clock we hit the road, the car loaded with a large stack of musical gear. After about an hour and a half of speeding southwards, we arrived at the venue and walked into a buzzing atmosphere. The noise of excited chatter filled my ears as many of the Norrie community were meeting each other for the first time.

After lunch was served, a delicious meal consisting of chicken nuggets and chips for me, there was a wide range of activities and experiences to choose from. I attended the goalball session which I thoroughly enjoyed and also took part in the animal experience, in which I was able to hold snakes, snails, bunnies and guinea pigs as well as many other creatures.

A particularly special part of the day for me was meeting Maria’s daughter. We had some very interesting conversations as well as some humorous ones.

After listening to the many amazing speeches that were given in the main hall, my brother and I performed the new song as well as some of our older works. Unfortunately, some technical difficulties arose with our equipment however I believe the songs we did play went very well.

After our live performance, this fantastic day was almost over and I was disappointed that this time had come to an end. On the return journey, I reflected on what a fantastic day it had been. I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of it.