Why are we fundraising?

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Research into Norrie disease is severely underfunded, and won’t happen unless we fund it.

The limited research into Norrie disease hearing loss has already made a difference but the only way we can get more answers and results is to get more research done.

Understanding the basic science of the hearing loss will enable researchers in the future to develop clinical trials of therapies to prevent the hearing loss from happening, or to slow down, or stop, the progression.

This will change the future for our blind community who have already lost one sense.

Why is this important?

Imagine a world without sight. Now imagine it without sound too.

This is the reality facing children, young people and adults with Norrie disease, a rare genetic condition. There is no cure.

You can help the Norrie Disease Foundation fund research that could completely change the lives of those living with the condition, and stop our blind community going deaf.

How can you help?

•    Donate today
•    Take part in a sporting event and raise sponsorship
•    Spread the word about the Norrie Disease Foundation