Leading the way in Norrie Disease hearing loss research

We promote and raise funds for pioneering research towards a better understanding of Norrie Disease with the ultimate aim of finding a therapy to stop or slow the progressive hearing loss.

Currently there are three exciting projects underway.

  • A partnership with GOSH and SPARKS- Investigation into gene replacement
  • Understanding the medical features of Norrie Disease
  • A Norrie Disease patient registry

More information on these projects can be found on our Research Projects page.

See also our FAQ and research resources pages.

Healthcare Professionals - we need you

NDF is calling upon researchers and funders to support our mission to start new much needed research to treat and prevent progression of Norrie Disease.

If you wish to get involved please get in touch now.

Medical Advisory Board

NDF has brought together world renowned experts in Norrie disease and researchers through the NDF Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, which is driving research in the EU/UK.

Jane Sowden
Professor Mehul Dattani