How your money is spent

How your money is spent

Thanks to your generous donations the NDF have been able to directly fund all of these projects

£62,500 towards the GOSHCC & Sparks national call partnership.

We are supporting a 3 year project investigating how to replace the faulty gene that causes deafness in Norrie Disease.

This project brings together a multidisciplinary clinical and scientific team based at GOSH and UCL working together with the NDF. This is a continuation of the pioneering work started by Professor Maria Bitner-Glindzicz in 2017.

Gene Therapy diagram
books for studying

PhD Funding

£75,000 towards a further PhD to accelerate work into the Norrie Disease hearing loss.

Norrie Family Days

So far we have funded 2 Norrie Disease Family Days bringing together families from across the UK so they can share experiences, learn from each other and
form friendships with families in similar situations.

Thanks to your donations NDF is able to pay for transport, food and fun activities for family days and also child care to enable parents to talk and mix freely with each other.

zander enjoying softplay
Cameron having fun outdoors

The running costs of the NDF

The NDF is run solely by volunteers and your donations pay for the overheads of keeping the charity running.