David WilkinsAmbassador

David WilkinsAmbassador

David wilkins giving a speech

David Wilkins

David Wilkins has Norrie disease which has left him totally blind from birth and partially deaf since the age of 13.

David says: ‘The latter was a serious blow because I knew exactly what I was losing.  However I’ve always been encouraged to have adventures, and not to allow my disabilities to define who or what I am.  For this reason I’ve worked in South Africa, Guernsey and in the European Parliament.

By trade I am a journalist and I enjoy sailing on tall ships in fair and foul weather.  Nothing beats standing on the top of the rigging with the wind in your face, or clinging to a rope as the ship pitches about like a mad thing and you stand legs apart to stop falling  over. I can see you don’t believe me, fine be like that!’

David said ‘It was an absolute honour to be asked to become an ambassador for the Norrie Disease Foundation.  I’m here to promote our organisation and to speak for them wherever I go, locally, nationally and I hope one day internationally too. The foundation is involved in long and short term projects that will lead to the benefit of people affected by Norrie disease, a condition which I’m delighted to promote and raise money for as well.

I’m also here to speak to parents and families who are wondering how to deal with this condition – I may push you at times, I may not always agree with what you say but I will always believe in you and push you forward.  "