Anthony Pitch RyersAmbassador

Anthony Pitch RyersAmbassador

Anthony singing

Anthony Pitch Ryers is from Belgium and born in 1992.

“Your only limit, is your own imagination.”

Anthony knows how to live every minute of his live to the full – radiating passion and enthusiasm. When he is not busy studying communication and media studies at KU Leuven university or traveling the world independently, spending time with friends or exploring new cultures, he acts as one half of the melodic dance music DJ and producers of duo @XiJaroAndPitch.

Their Performances have brought them to international venues in countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands, while their studio work has been a hit with Legends such as Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, and John O’Callaghan, to name a few. You can experience their unique uplifting and entrancing sounds through their own monthly Open Minds podcast Open minds.

In the rest of his time Anthony also forms a vital part of the @ICCBelgium team. There, he organizes international events and conferences for blind and visually impaired young people and gives workshops on cutting edge technology which helps them in their study and professional lives. Whatever Anthony does, it will be true to his life motto, “Your only limit, is your own imagination.”

It is exactly this message of hope and encouragement that Anthony wants to spread as a Norrie Disease Foundation ambassador, within the Norrie community and beyond. By putting his expertise to practical use, he hopes to contribute to the development of a strong Norrie community across Europe, empowering and advocating for more awareness and research.

Anthony says:

‘It is a true honour to be part of this organisation. No less than a year ago, I didn’t know of any other people with Norrie disease, let alone that any research on the condition was being done.

When I discovered the Norrie Disease Foundation and experienced their mission and shared passion of connecting people and promoting research first hand, that changed drastically. Offering my help to spread the word and reach even more people with our story and message, was for me hence not more than a natural step to follow.’