Team Profiles

Wendy Horrobin

Wendy Horrobin

Chair and Coordinator

Wendy is Chair and Coordinator of the Norrie Disease Foundation. Wendy is married to Simon and has two children, Chloe 10, and Josh 8, who has Norrie disease. After studying music, Wendy taught English as a second language abroad and then came to settle in the UK working as a project manager for the Education Learning Programme at the Millennium Dome.

Wendy became involved with setting up the Norrie Disease Foundation, recognising the importance of promoting fresh new research into Norrie disease and the need for greater support for Norrie families through sharing resources and contacts. Wendy is a board member for the Norrie Disease Association in the USA and attended the Norrie Disease Association conference in Boston in 2015. The conference was attended by families from around the world and it was the first time Wendy had met other families affected by Norrie disease.

When Wendy is not working on the Norrie Disease Foundation she spends her time with her family, brushing up on her braille skills or doing DIY with Chloe.

Wendy’s role includes ensuring that the board fulfills the legal requirements of a CIO; namely, to call the board meetings as stipulated in the Norrie Disease Foundation’s charter and to act as a first point of contact for the medical community and the Norrie community in the UK.

Wendy’s vision for next year is:

  • To promote and engage in vital new research into Norrie disease
  • To help strengthen the Norrie community in the UK and globally by sharing and exchanging information with the Norrie Disease Association in the US
  • To promote and share medical contacts and knowledge for families and health professionals