Thwo sking solo

Theo goes skiing

Theo skiing with his instructorMum Jo shares her son Theo’s story as he takes to the ski slopes for the first time ……

Theo is 6 years old and has no vision due to Norrie disease. Theo keeps us busy with all his activities including piano, swimming, horse riding and Beavers but this weekend we thought we’d try something new.  We booked him in for a skiing lesson as we are keen to let him experience as much as possible.

We explained that he would have to wear heavy boots like he had worn when he had been ice skating and then have long plastic strips attached to the boots.

The instructor he had was great at explaining everything, she was concerned he had two left legs at first, he’s not too good with his left and right. She got him to move very slowly a few feet downhill so he could get an understanding of the pose he needed to be in and a feel for moving with skis on.

After doing that a few times off they went to the top of the ski slope and she skied down with Theo in-between her legs, the smile and shouting out with excitement said it all.  Theo loved it and said ‘I would make the hills bigger so you go on for longer’. He then came down with a rope round him with the instructor behind him and absolutely loved it.

He had such a fabulous time, we only booked a half hour slot as that’s usually enough for a child’s first time but he was having so much fun that he had an hour.  Don’t let being blind hold you back from having fun. So we’re booked in again next week…..