ND research begins at GOSH

We are excited to be starting a research project at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, University College London to understand more about Norrie disease in order to develop treatments. Professor Maria Bitner-Glindzicz’s research group has a long history of working on genetic hearing loss so we are particularly interested in understanding this aspect of the disease. My background is in neuroscience and I recently finished a research project investigating a different neurological disease before joining Maria’s group. I will be working alongside a PhD student with a background in biochemistry and together our goal is to investigate the pathology of Norrie disease. Our project will focus on studying developmental changes in the ear and the eye in Norrie disease, so that we understand better how we might treat the problems that arise.

This month we have been preparing the tools we need to carry out experiments. We will be examining the sensory cells and surrounding blood vessels in the ear and eye. This will provide clues on the best cells to target and what therapies may be possible. By monitoring the changes we will be better able to understand and follow the progression of the disease. Our work on this project is at an early stage so we will provide updates in future posts. There is much to be done so we look forward to reporting our activities along the way.

Dale Bryant 31st October 2017