Cam Standing

Cameron’s Smile – Determination pays off

Cam StandingI have always struggled with my mobility outdoors.

Being out in the open can often be nerve – wracking.

The acoustics are completely different to indoor spaces. There are lots more sounds to take in, which can often be confusing due to my one sided hearing loss.

I usually wear orthotic boots to support my ankles, as my muscles are extremely tight from toe walking, and as I walk I like to bounce for constant feedback, which obviously affects my balance. I rely on my wheelchair a lot.

But today, I showed hard work and determination pays off.

We went for a walk in the woods, along the stream. I held Mummy or Daddy’s hand the whole way, trailing fences and rails.

My heels were to the ground, giving me stability and control. Allowing me to walk the longest distance I have ever done.

I enjoyed hearing the beautiful sounds of the waterfall, dogs barking and the birds chirping in the trees.

The Norrie Disease Foundation is developing a Patient Registry to assist pioneering research into the  progressive Norrie hearing loss.