PreviousNext Christopher was born 13th December 1994. At birth, there were no signs of any disabilities. When Chris was 6 weeks old, he came down with signs of a bad
Family Stories
Carla Danielle Golledge, mum to Cameron, who has Norrie disease shares an incredibly powerful account of her family’s journey. I was asked to write a few words about Cameron and
Huge congratulations to Theresa and Neil Peacock and the amazing Thunderbolts – Ethan and Casper Peacock who raised an incredible £1000 for the Norrie Disease Foundation in an evening of
Writing Braille is a system of raised symbols that can be read by the fingers of people who are visually impaired. A braille cell is made up of six dots,
PreviousNext Just recently I read a book called Wonder, written by R.J Palacio. The story is about a boy who was born with a rare facial deformity and what everyday