Ethan and Jasper holding a snake
The 24th of November 2018 saw the very first Norrie family day and what a fun day it was. The day involved many different activities and much entertainment, from snakes
The Norrie Disease Association held its 4th conference 9th-11th August at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital, Boston 2018. It was an amazing coming together for around 26 families from
Norrie Disease is a rare genetic condition causing blindness/severe visual impairment from birth, as well as many secondary conditions including progressive hearing loss. It affects mainly boys. NDF is in contact with
Cam Standing
I have always struggled with my mobility outdoors. Being out in the open can often be nerve – wracking. The acoustics are completely different to indoor spaces. There are lots
Family Stories
Well done to the Thunderbolts for raising an amazing £436 at last night’s gig in Kelvedon, Essex! What stars you are Ethan and Jasper Peacock. The night was dedicated to