The Mcintyre family
On the 24th March, 2016 at 8:14am we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Teddy into the world. He was amazing and everything that we could have dreamed of. The doctor came
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February is rare disease awareness month – a time to share stories, raise understanding and show acceptance. Before having a child born with a rare condition, I never understood how
January was Braille Literacy Month and the Norrie Disease Foundation have shared some stories from the Norrie community about what Braille means to them. Why bother With Braille?  By David Wilkins
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by Anthony Pitch Ryers who has Norrie disease. Although I was diagnosed with dyslexia and am hence less good in Braille than I would like to be, I never for a
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Cam and his family
Five years ago our lives were affected by a rare genetic disease. I will never forget the day my world came tumbling down before me. The day my beautiful baby
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